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Why Should You Hire An Immigration Lawyer?

Generally people wish to settle in abroad for many different reasons; whether they love that particular country or getting married there, or has found a good job, or family is pulling them towards that country.

Reason behind immigration could be anything, but the point is how to attain visa in order to immigrate; as moving to a country isn't very easy. In fact it requires a lot of paper work. This is where one needs, a qualified and experienced immigration lawyer which would help an individual throughout all the paper work and cover all the small details that are required to obtain visa for a particular country.

Though still there are people who think that why they need to pay a lawyer, when they can do the visa formalities themselves. This is where they do a mistake! Probably they do not want to spend money or they might not be aware of the benefits of hiring a lawyer.
So, if you are also one of them then through this article, I would like to tell you as to why one should hire a lawyer. Let us have a look-

Give detailed knowledge: The foremost thing which an experienced lawyer would provide you with is the detailed knowledge regarding your visa requirement. This would include all your paper work and other visa formalities.
Make you aware of facts: In addition to detailed knowledge regarding visa requirement, a lawyer would also make you aware of certain facts related to your green card. This may include eligibility criteria, cost to file for visa, laws regarding visa, citizenship through marriage or job or business etc.
Prepare and process your petition: Mostly the documents of visa are quite lengthy and complicated for a normal layman to understand. Therefore, in such situation immigration attorney or lawyer are of great help. They would guide you with the preparation of necessary documents that are required for visa petition.
Help you prepare your interview: After filing for the visa petition, one also needs to get prepared for the personal interview, which would be conducted with an officer from the USCIS. Thus an attorney would even prepare you for an interview round with certain key steps for successful interview. To name a few include dress properly, be calm, be on time, listen to officer carefully, and prepare answers for personal questions.

After knowing all the above mentioned factors you must have got an idea as to why one should hire immigration lawyer. So, if you are also someone who wants to find one, then you must go for experienced and qualified lawyer, as they know this field well.

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The immense need for choosing a good legal consultant

People relocate to lands far off from their home, so that they can have better careers, better living standards and the chance to make for a bright future for them. It’s essential for these people to migrate to these lands legally; otherwise the saw of impending dangers is hanging over them perpetually. In such cases, if people meet such immigration consultants that simply trick them for money and send them abroad illegally, they might have to face severe consequences.
Not only is it essential to choose a country wisely, you also need to make sure that you choose a good immigration attorney who can help you in reaching the place you are looking to go to. Given below are some basic qualities of a good immigration lawyer:

Realism is what matters the most. There is no point if an agent is giving you false hopes and dreams about your life in the new country. You would rather have a consultant that is lawful and diligent and gives you the accurate chances about your immigration to the new country. There are certain point systems that you need to undergo and pass tests before you can lawfully enter a new country permanently. This is why it’s essential that you meet such a consultant or lawyer, who can truly guide you through this step by step process, and not have you falter over tiny details.
The second and most essential detail to look for in a consultant is to see his past credentials to make sure that he/ she is genuine. There are so many frauds in the market these days that the line between right and wrong is only marginal and you need to be the judge of the quality and authenticity on your own. For this purpose, you cannot overlook the fact that a lawyer or a consultant needs to be checked for credentials to support their achievements.
Since the rise of a new era in the legal avenue there are so many new and expensive lawyers and consultants flooding the industry. You need to make sure that you choose such a lawyer that you choose is effective and reasonable. It’s because there’s no point spending oodles of money before even going to a new country to make money there.

All you need to do is research in the right places so that you can find the best immigration lawyer in NY at the best possible prices. This way you will know that you enter the new country legally and peacefully.

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Understanding the Role of an Immigration Law Firm

The role of an immigration law company is unique when compared with other types of legal firms. Finding effective solutions to your immigration related problems can be a daunting process, because every case is unique in one way or other, and needs to be worked upon with deep understanding of each minor aspect of the case.

Here are some important points that will provide you better understanding about, “In what ways the expert lawyers of the immigration law firms New York will help you qualify your case”:

Analyse the facts you case systematically
Recommend the best suitable ways to obtain legal status.
Complete and submit your case file properly
Stay update with new rule and regulations in the field that may affect your case
Avoid delays with your case and immediately take necessary actions (in case of any problem)
Provide the current status information to you
File necessary appeals

Most people hire these attorneys when they need help submit an application for visa or green card, as they are not aware of various legal requirements. There are certain instances when the assistance of immigration law firms is necessary. Let’s have a look on such situations:

If the person applying application has been convicted of a crime: the applicant must tell all his/her crime record and even the charges that were called off. In such circumstances, only professional can save the application from getting rejected.
Prior immigration application has been rejected: A professional can better understand why your application was rejected and can also tell you if it is possible to re-apply and to appeal for the application.
If an applicant has a medical condition: There are some medical conditions (such as communicable diseases) they may prevent an individual to get entry to the foreign country.
If the applicant has been excluded or deported from the country you are applying for: Generally, exclusion or deportation leads to permanent banning from future applications. An expert lawyer can give you the right advice on the effects of exclusion or deportation.
Long waiting time during application process: Processing time for you application depends upon the case you are applied. Employment based applications can be complicated. To avoid unwanted complications hiring of experienced immigration lawyer is necessary.

Under all the above mentioned situations, only an expert in the field can save you from legal trouble. Are there still any doubts left in your mind regarding this?
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Overview on How to File Family Immigrant Visa Petition

In such case only an immigration law firms in NY can prove to be helpful .Wish to settle down in New York. The first thing required to be done is file an immigrant visa petition. But there are many essential things needed to be taken care of while filling immigration.
But to find a reliable law firm, you must interview several attorneys who are specialized in this field and can provide you efficient solutions for all the problems. Apart from this, it is also important to build trust with the lawyer, so that you can share all important information with the professional, which would ultimately prove to be beneficial for your case on the judgment day. Thus, your lawyer would be prepared beforehand with the necessary documents to establish evidence in your defense.

Apart from all the above mentioned facts, immigration lawyers in New York City would also give you an overview regarding documentation required for family immigration, which has been listed below.
Family based immigrant visa:

Under this, sponsorship is being provided to the immigrant from a U.S citizen, who has some close relation with the person applying. But they cannot be your grandparents, uncles, in-laws or cousins.

These are further divided into two categories:
Immediate relative immigrant visa (unlimited)
Family preference immigrant visa (limited)

Certain required documents for filing the application are:

Passport: It should be valid for 60 days beyond the expiration date of immigrant visa.
Passport size photograph: 2*2 photos are needed for the form and that too should meet the required condition (like full face appearance with neutral expression, current appearance and some more conditions).
Affidavit to support visa: One should have U.S. Sponsorship and this could be possible by applying for the form of I-864, I-864A, I-864 EZ or I-864W.
Registration: Fill both the parts of form DS-230-I and II. Or one can also apply for the online form DS-260.
Original documents needed: One needs to submit original as well as photocopy of their documents and family members to the NVC. It includes birth and marriage certificate, court and prison record, petitioner or adoption documents and police certificate, which is required when the immigration officer takes an interview.
Medical forms: Under this form, one needs to prove to the United States immigration department that they have taken all the required vaccinations such as for yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis A and B, polio and others. And for this, a panel of physicians would conduct medical examination of the applicant.

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6 Tips on choosing best Immigration Lawyer

USA remains the dream destination for immigration, for people from every corner of the world. The glamorous and open culture and the strong economic background of the country attract a large number of immigrants from across all continents.
Coming to United Stated is exciting in many ways-new opportunities, new people, new places, new customs and new laws..!! So, if you ever dreamed about migrating to this country, but failed or still, want to go to the place of wonders, here is the helpful content to make your process of immigration easy.
Rather, to do it by yourself, you need to hire an immigration attorney in NY to ensure a smooth and successful immigration application process.

Here are some important tips on how to find the right lawyer:

Your attorney should be a member of AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association). It is an association of professionals and its purpose is to keep a check at the laws related to the field & bringing updates on a regular basis. It indicates that the professional you have hired is in certified to do legal practice.
You can start by getting references from relatives, friend or family so to ensure yourself that your attorney has a good reputation in legal field

A good list of client referrals and testimonials indicate the hard work that the person has put in the field over the years.

The immigration laws of United States are highly complex and technical, and it is very hard even for full-time lawyers to keep themselves with the latest developments or changes in rules and regulations. It would impossible to have an excellence in this area unless you have spent good time in it.

Avoid just believing on what the lawyer says. Instead, you can check for the educational background and success history in the cases already handled by him.

Beware of

Consultants, travel agents, notaries, or others who promise easy, quick solutions.
Those who make promises they can get you visa but for heavy fee.
Attorneys from other nations who have no knowledge of US laws and are not licensed to practice in the United States.
Unlicensed operators. They are just known for taking heavy amounts from people and doing nothing. Even, unlicensed operators may lie to the government in your name for an easy and quick solution. As a result, it may lead your permanent exclusion from United States.

If you are looking for highly experienced immigration lawyers in New York City, is the right destination.

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